Our Process

A Steadfast Process to Help Guide Our Steps and Direct Your Path

The advisors at Milestone Financial Group use a comprehensive wealth planning process to develop an innovative and personalized financial plan that will provide the foundation for pursuing your goals.


  • Establish Relationship
  • Gather Information
  • Review Scope of Services


  • Analyze and Evaluate Needs
  • Collaborate with Professionals
  • Educate on findings and Solutions
  • Confirm Recommendations


  • Adopt Action Plan
  • Coordinate with Professionals
  • Employ Solutions


  • Monitor Progress
  • Review and Revise
  • Periodic Reviews


  • Create Personal Financial Organizer
  • Consolidate all Financial Records
  • Periodic maintenance and Cleaning

"Money itself has no value. It is what money allows us to do in our lives that has value. Things such as educate our children, support favorite charities, care for loved ones, or create experiences that we will remember forever. This is why we invest and conserve our nest egg."

Dave Hunt